Standard Web Sling Types

Hardware (Choker & Basket)- Type 1:

Choker Hardware (CH) slings are made with a triangle fitting on one end and a slotted triangle choker fitting on the other end. The CH configuration provides the most efficient and effective method of choke hitching of all sling types and configurations. This sling type can also be used in a vertical and basket hitch. Fittings can be of aluminum or alloy steel.
Hardware (Choker & Basket)- Type 2:

Basket Hardware (BH) slings are made with a triangle fitting on both ends. The BH configuration can be used in the vertical or basket hitch only and cannot be used in a choker hitch. Fitting can be of aluminum or alloy steel.
Eye & Eye- Type 3:

Eye and Eye (EE) slings are made with a flat loop eye on each end with a loop eye opening on the same plane as the sling body. This type of sling is sometimes called: flat eye & eye; eye & eye or double eye sling. Versatile and flexible, this sling can be used in all three hitches (vertical, basket and choker).
Eye & Eye- Type 4:

Twisted Eye (TE) slings are made with a loop eye on each end that is a at a right angle to the plane of the sling body. This type of sling is commonly referred to as a “twisted eye” sling. This sling is suitable for all hitches, but is recommended particularly for choker hitch application.
Endless- Type 5:

Endless (EN) slings are made with a continuous loop formed by joining ends of the webbing together with a load-bearing splice. Extremely versatile as the design allows for
rotation of bearing points, avoiding one constant bearing point and thereby increasing useful life. Suitable for use with all three hitches: vertical, basket and choker.
Reversed Eye- Type 6:

Reversed Eye (RE) slings are formed by using multiple widths of webbing held edge to edge. A wear pad is attached on both sides of the web sling body, and on both sides of the loop eyes to form a loop eye at each end, which is at a right angle to the plane of the web sling body. The Reversed Eye sling can be used with all three hitch types, but is particularly well suited to the choker hitch due to the “twisted eye.”
Bridle/Multi-Leg Slings:

These slings are special purpose slings with various combinations of legs, rings, hooks, etc.
Cargo Integral Eye (CIE)- Wide Body Sling:

For maximum load stability and protection. For basket hitch only.
Cargo Bridle Eye (CBE)- Wide Body Sling:

Same use as Integral eye; more economical and for use with lower load weights. For basket hitch only.

Pro-Edge® Premium Edge

Pro-Edge® Premium Edge – Superior Performance is Built In
Pro-Edge®: Premium edge for longest life.

Pro-Edge® is different from most other premium edge slings in that the edge protection is structural – it is built into the sling. Pro-Edge® features edge reinforcement with twisted tire – cord yarns – for the same reason that these yarns are used in tires – they provide maximum resistance to wear (cutting and abrasion). Additionally, the twisting of these yarns provides an enhanced degree of resistance to cutting and abrasion as compared to non-twisted yarns. Longer life means reduced cost per use.

Most other premium edge products are made with non-twisted yarns and with vinyl or polymer edge coatings – coatings that can wear off over time and leave the end-user with a simple “standard” edge sling.

Pro-Edge® is 50% tougher to cut than standard webbing. The edges are made with high tenacity twisted tire-cord yarns. It is a scientific fact that twisted yarns are more resistant to cutting and abrasion than untwisted yarns. Since these twists are part of the yarn construction, the cut and abrasion resistance properties of the yarn will not fade away after standard wear. This contrasts with other premium “edge” products, which use untwisted yarns with chemical coatings. When chemical coatings wear off… the consumer is left with ordinary yarns… without realizing they’ve lost edge protection.


When submitted to repeated surface and edge abrasion, Pro-Edge® maintains its strength far better than most other webbing products on the market. Pro-Edge® maintains 50% more of its strength than standard webbing when submitted to 2500 cycles of surface abrasion. Superior
abrasion resistance is achieved by controlling the shrink process through a special heat-setting process. This is the same process that produces
exceptional abrasion resistance in the manufacture of seat belts.

As a standard practice, and even though LIFTEX® Pro-Edge® provides added protection, it’s important to understand that load edges in contact with ANY type of synthetic sling must be “protected” with materials of sufficient thickness or strength to prevent sling damage. Liftex® offers a complete selection of wear pads and sleeves- see catalog and price list.

ProEdge logo
Advantages of Pro-Edge®
A webbing of double-ply construction with stuffers, made out of high-tenacity yarns
The edges consist of twisted tire-cord yarns
The webbing is dyed and impregnated with a high-quality mix of various binders which enhance abrasion resistance
Pro-Edge® slings are available in nylon or polyester

Pro-Edge® by Liftex®: Premium Edge For Longest Life–Superior Performance is Built In!
Twisted tire cord edge yarns provide superior cut and abrasion resistance. The resistance is structural and can’t “wear off” over time and use.
PVC “Pocket Tag” for maximum tag durability and legibility. All info is laser printed, including a unique serial number on each unit.
Superior cut & abrasion resistance, maximum tag durability & legibility. The combination means longer sling life, increased safety and lower cost per use.

Liftex® Pocket Tag

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Pocket Tag

Pro-Edge® Sling Webbing Cross Section

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HDP™ Standard Edge

HDP™ Standard Edge
Best Combination of Value & Performance

Advantages of HDP™:

Manufactured by Liftex®, a leading global synthetic sling manufacturer since 1955.

HDP™ polyester slings are the highest-quality low-cost sling available.

HDP™ slings are now available in all widths and lengths to suit your lifting needs.

Pro-Edge® or HDP™

What's the difference?


Pro-Edge®- Premium Edge For Longest Life:
Everyday use in good to rugged lifting conditions
Structural edge reinforcement and abrasion resistance provides maximum sling service life
Tapered eyes (3” and greater width)
Available in polyester or nylon
Liftex® Pocket Tag- the most durable tagging system
Private Labeling available

HDP™ – Standard Edge – Best Combination of Value & Performance:
Everyday use in good to moderate lifting conditions
Polyester only

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