PAC-Link Alloy Chain Slings™


PAC-Link™ Premium Alloy Chain Slings are designed for High Heat & High Abrasion Applications.

PAC-Link™ Slings are made of Grade 100 alloy chain. With a higher capacity than slings made of Grade 80, PAC-Link™ Slings are suitable in the temperature range of -40°F to 400°F. They have maximum abrasion and corrosion resistance. PAC-Link™ Slings are available in single, double, triple, or quadruple leg and multiple end fitting configurations.


Determine maximum load to be lifted.
Determine type of sling required: Single Leg (S), Double Leg (D), Triple Leg (T), Quadruple Leg (Q).
Determine the proper angle between the leg of the sling and the load during operation.
Select the proper bottom fitting: Master Link (O), Sling Hook (S), Grab Hook (G), Foundry Hook (F).
Determine the overall reach/length of the assembly (measured from bearing point on top fitting to bearing point on bottom fitting).
Choose chain size which meets your required work load, angle and reduction factor.

Example: Double Leg, Master Link top fitting, Sling Hook bottom fittings, 3/8” chain size, 20’ length would be coded as: DOS 3/8 x ‘20