Sling Protection - Wear Pads & Sleeves


Wear pads give a sling extra protection where it wears the most. They can be furnished in numerous materials, including leather, buffer web, polyester, felt, PVC, among others. Whether you are trying to protect your sling against wear and cutting or oil and dirt, Liftex® will offer you protection that best fits your needs.

Sliding Sleeves

Sliding sleeves are ideal for handling material with sharp edges because the sleeve doesn’t move when the sling stretches. Sleeves cover both sides of the sling and can be moved on the sling to where it is needed. Sleeves are available in many materials and
in any length.

Flat & Round Quick Sleeves
These heavy polyester or nylon sling covers have Velcro closures for quick and easy protection of slings and/or load from damage.

Material Choices: Buffer Web / Nylon / Polyester / Leather / Super Pad

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“RFID” technology now available on Liftex® Pro-Edge® products!

With increased government regulation and limited man power, equipment managers are tasked with the growing challenge of tracking the safety and whereabouts of their lifting assets. Radio Frequency Identification (“RFID”) provides durable and unique electronic identification that can be scanned into any tracking software including spreadsheets, maintenance systems or lifting industry applications. Instant, accurate information ensures your safety program is on track. Liftex® is proud to partner with InfoChip® to bring to you access to “best in class” RFID technology!


Liftex® offers the option of having InfoChip® RFID chips factory-sewn into all “Pro-Edge®” sling products. Also available is the new low-cost InfoChip USB “Stick” reader that automatically scans your ChipID into any application. This plug and play reader helps you enjoy the benefits of RFID without the investment typically associated with this technology. It can scan any asset with high frequency chips including slings, rigging, fall protection, etc.

Why RFID?:

Allows FAST, EASY and PAPERLESS inspection of assets.
Enables digital tracking of inspection, preventive maintenance and repair initiatives – including setting “schedule alerts”.
Enables real-time and on-site access to equipment identification, inspection and maintenance history info


Why InfoChip®?:

Industry leader with cutting edge RFID technology, software and equipment.
Open platform design facilitates integration to any and all order management, work order and accounting systems thus avoiding manual entry and duplicate databases.

Safe-T-Weigh Load Indicators


Safe-T-Weigh Load Indicators

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