Recovery & Tow Straps


Polyester Recovery Straps

Liftex® Polyester Recovery Straps are unmatched for strength and workmanship. They are made of Liftex’s exclusive Pro-Edge® webbing. Each strap has a tapered eye at each end with leather lined eyes.

Liftex® Cobra Tow Straps

The ideal Tow Strap for pulling vehicles out of mud, sand, snow. It’s made of Liftex’s exclusive Nylon Pro-Edge® webbing which provides Flex-Power for increased pull. The Liftex® Cobra Tow Strap first stretches then snaps back to add Flex-Power to the pull. Each Liftex® Cobra Tow Strap comes complete with a fully lined leather eye and an 18” leather sliding sleeve on the body to protect against cutting and abrasion.

Call your Liftex® Sales Representative for additional sizes and plies.

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